Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Day in New England

Today was a perfect summer day here in New England. The sun was shining, the humidity was low and the bugs were lying low!!

Pebbles, my best dog buddy, and I took a walk and got a glimpse of Nature hard at work.

We walked along the path of the Sheep Pasture in Easton, MA. Pebbles was definitely wanting to play with the ducks who had managed an escape from their pen to the pond nearby, but I spotted another frolicking creature in the pond and I was fascinated/a little bit terrified by the sight.
That is a snake and a few minutes later, it jumped a green frog who was not paying attention!

No, I did not stick around to see what happened.

Further on down the walk, we found the split rock. I have lived in this town for 18 years, visited the Sheep Pasture at least once a year and I have never seen this rock before.

It looks to me like the tree is sitting there reading something but that could be the pollen talking!

Check out the wildlife on the right side of the picture. This little chippitymunk wanted to be in the picture and kept hanging out no latter how close I got. Ham!

Have I lost you yet or can you stand one more picture??

The turtles are out and about and mowing each other down. Here is a go-gettem turtle who was not gonna let a napping turtle on a log slow him down.

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