Monday, February 14, 2011

Cake Pops

Aren't these cute?
I made them from the Wilton Pop! Sweets on a Stick book. They were easy to make but the decorations were a bit tedious.
I crumbled up one layer of chocolate pound cake and mixed it with 1/2 cup buttercream icing. Make sure to mash it together well. It should resemble cookie dough before rolling into balls. I used two tablespoons for each ball and chilled them for about 2 hours. This is an important step. I only chilled them about 30 minutes the first time and they crumbled all over the place.


I dipped 6-inch lollipop sticks into melted chocolate and inserted them about halfway into the pop. Then I chilled them again while I melted the Candy Melts for dipping and made the little fondant flowers.


I started with a pale pink pre-tinted Wilton fondant and added a pinch of  Gum-Tex for structure. I rolled the fondant to 1/16th inch and used my small blossom cutter with an ejector to cut the flowers. Then I pushed them into thick foam to eject and shape them.

I made some yellow and pink blossoms. Then, I added a dot of yellow royal icing to the center of the blossoms with a #3 round tip.

I dipped some of the pops in three colors of Candy Melts, dark cocoa, pink and red.
I dipped some pops in dark cocoa and then added the blossoms before the Candy Melts set. This was a challenge and I had to work quickly. I added a teaspoon of vegetable oil to each cup of Candy Melts when melting. They were otherwise too thick to dip. You may need to do this depending on the age of your Candy Melts.
I arranged the tri-colors in a gift box for my sweet hubbie.
 I placed the topiary pops in the Brownie-flower pot.

These were a fair amount of work but I think are worth the effort.


  1. Definitely worth the effort - those look FANTASTIC. I have made cake pops before, but nothing like that!!! Awesome work.


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