Sunday, June 26, 2011

Angel in Paradise

Seaside, Florida aka Paradise

We are in Paradise. We have been coming to Paradise since 1992. We skipped for a couple of years when we were trying for a child because Paradise has always been bursting with children and it was a bit hard to see when we wanted one of our own so badly.
When we arrived in Paradise, the housekeepers were still tidying up our slice of it. We were encouraged to drop out bags and give them an hour to finish up.We did and when we returned, it looked beautiful. It was not until later that night that my son could not find his blankie.

Our boy's blankie is his most cherished possession. When we went to adopt our boy in Russia eleven years ago, we took that blankie to him and put it in his crib to absorb the smell of his homeland.  In a broken wooden crib with no sheets, the blanket was his first possession. We brought our boy and blankie home and he was not without that blankie for the next eleven years. It has always been there more or less in the background as he grows older. There are no words to describe the sinking feeling I got as we looked over every single inch of the cottage, rental car, luggage, and even trash. Our boy knew he had brought it into the cottage and the only logical explanation was that housekeeping had taken it away with them.
I called that night..I stopped in at the front  desk the next morning. I called the next day. I called again the next day.
My husband finally called and said he would come sort through the rags and towels. He spoke with Molly, the head of Housekeeping who took pity on us...we were obviously out of our minds...and an hour later called to say they had found blankie. They rushed it over to us and after a quick wash and dry (it still smelled like blankie), our boy's first real possession was back in his arms.

Our boy always believed they would find his blankie. He had every faith in them. He said, " they will will find it but it might take a few days". He was right but I don't think he knows the enormous effort that was made to restore his cherished "blank". Our boy is not aware of a lot of the stumbles that life can throw at a person yet. He believes in a righteous world. Today he has me believing in it too.
Thank you Molly! Thanks for restoring our faith in good people who care about each other even if they will never meet face to face.
Thanks for being our Angel in Paradise!

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