Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tiger Lily

I was making a cake for a friend and she asked me to make gumpaste Tiger Lilies for the decoration. Coincidentally, I was experimenting with some gumpaste Asian lilies  because the lilies were all blooming in the garden and I was inspired. I felt it was a nice jump to making the Tiger Lilies.
I thought I would do some instructional photos and post them here. Then I noticed the video camera the boy had set up and I thought I would give taping it a whirl. This is my second attempt at taping something for YouTube and it always amazes me how much time it takes me to get something done. Please be kind with your critique. I am hoping the more I do, the better I will get!

I am listing the links to the YouTube uploads.

Part One shows how to make the flower petals.
Part Two shows how to floral tape the petal wires and make the flower center stem and put together the flower.
Part Three shows how to color the flower.

I used the Wilton Ready to Use Gumpaste and the Gumpaste Flower Kit. I am a Wilton Instructor after all!!
I used lily flower stamens from The International Sugar Art Collection.

 Give the lilies a try. The  lilies in the garden are gone but the sugar  lilies are always in bloom!


  1. Where did you get the veiner from? I have checked a few online shops and could not find any.

  2. I got the Great Impressions Stargazer Lily Petal Veiner many years ago from International Sugar Art Collection in Atlanta GA when I was studying with Nicholas Lodge. I did not see it when I checked their online store just now.
    I did see it at Squires online.
    If I needed to buy one today though, I might opt for the Tiger Lily veiner from manufactured by Sunflower Sugar Art and selling through Global Sugar Art.
    I do love the double sided veiners and wish I could afford them all.

  3. Dear Evelyn thank you very much for ALL your Gumpaste tutorial on Youtube. I love them ALL!!! YOU are an inspiration to many of us who have just started to do gumpaste & if you were to ask me, your tutorial was not only inspiring But very informative. I tried making one a few days ago & even though they are not as perfect as yours, I was happy that I could make it & rest assured that I would be doing more of this in order to practise more. Once I saw your white veiner, I couldn't wait until the next day to drop by at ICCA here & bought the one that was sold by The Squires Kitchen & so love the way the petal curved. I have seen so many tutorials online but love yours as you are very informative. I am from Malaysia. I wonder if you can tell me two things. Can you tell me whether I need to wash the the veiner & plastic flap, with warm soapy water Each time after use, that we place our petals in order that the petals do not get dry AND also which online site I can purchase the large cellboard which you were using & also you were using in one of your tutorials a cream coloured "guide" thing which had different hole sizes & a ruler at the side. Thank you very much & God bless you.

  4. Thank you so much Evelyn for ALL your Gum Paste tutorials. Found them very good & informative. When I saw you using the white Lily Petal Veiner, I could not wait until the next day to see whether I could find this at the ICCA/Wilton shop here. I am from Malaysia & I was so happy as I found one just like yours which was from the Squires Kitchen & I love the way the groves give a lovely curvy shape to the Tiger Lily which I tried to do & though they are NOT as near perfect as yours; I was quite happy with the outcome & you can be assured that I would be practising more of the Tiger Lily in my spare time.

    I wonder if you can tell me 1. do I have to wash the veiner & the Wilton Plastic Flap with warm, soapy water each time? 2. on which online site can I buy the large celboard which had 3 divisions that you were using & also I saw that you were using in one of your tutorials, a cream colored "guide" [sorry don't know the name of same] which had different sizes of holes to measure the fondant/gumpaste & which also had a ruler at the side? Thank you so much for your generousity for sharing your knowledge online. God bless.


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