Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Tree Farewell

We took down the Christmas tree over the past weekend. And when I say "we", I really mean my sweet husband did it all. I did not help other than make lunch if that counts and the boy pretended like it wasn't happening. I love the Christmas tree...everything about it.  I love the smell, the nostalgia of collected ornaments and the glow it casts around the house at night. I find that I spend some wonderful meditative moments just gazing at that tree. I would love the tree to be up all winter.
The tree this year was really nice and we spent a total of five minutes looking for it. There were no mishaps in getting it up and keeping it up.Yes, there have been tragedies in the past of fallen trees  and the plural is purposeful.

Our family favorite for ornaments is hands down, the beaded ornaments or spaceships if you are speaking the mother tongue of the boy. They were a gift handed down from my great aunt Lena from Virginia. She started giving them away in 1953. The story is she would get old jewelry, break it up into pieces and use it to make many of the beads for the ornaments. Most of them are in amazing condition. I have two kits for making beaded ornaments. I have had them for a couple of years. I say that I am going to start the tradition again but then the holidays swoop in and I barely have time to get the cookies baked and the presents wrapped.
 I might just make them this year....now is the time to start.....be good and I may give you one!


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