Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter at Borderland

Yesterday was a bit of a heat wave here in New England! We got temps. upwards of 50 degrees. Although there was a lot of melting, there was still plenty of snow. We took a walk along our favorite path at Borderland, Pond edge trail. It looks very different than October when I posted our Fall walk,
 New England Beauty.  It took much longer for our walk because there were some slippery spots we needed to walk slowly through. The boy also stopped to poke the icy lake with his stick to confirm that it was  frozen.

Pebbles puppy was happiest when jumping through the snowy parts that came almost up to her tummy. Everybody slept well last night after that trudge, I mean walk.

If you don't live this way, here are some of the pretty parts of snow. If you do live this way, I think today should be warm as well and the trail is waiting. Yesterday, there was a fire going in the hearth at the lodge and they were handing out hot chocolate!

The water is still moving freely near the Lodge
 Behind the mansion were about 50 people sledding down the hill

The trail?

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